Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States, and a sense of relief settles in Oslo. Make no mistake about it, this election has drawn way more attention here than any Norwegian election would. I attended an election party at the university last night, and it was so packed I barely got in.

Today the major newspapers are filled with praise for Obama, and positive things about America in general. The mentality is a total deviation from the last eight years, but democratic presidents are usually pretty popular in Norway. Wilson and FDR both got hailed, the latter being the only foreigner honored with a statue in Oslo. Kennedy and Clinton were also quite popular here. But to me – who really only have experienced George W. Bush as president – the change is remarkable.

On a side note, did anyone notice the Star Wars-like hologram on CNN’s election night? Turns out it was produced by a Norwegian company. So we feel as if we have contributed somehow, then, and the major newspapers are all over it.


Let’s hear it, baby!

November 4, 2008

Tonight it’s time for election party. This entire country is turned upside down over the US presidential election, and my plan is to get wasted as the results come in. One shot of tequila for every toss-up state going blue should do it.

My educated guess is that almost all Norwegians support senator Obama in this election. I’d like to see him in the White House, too, but not so much because of his qualifications. After reading “Dreams from my father”, I simply look forward to the memoirs.

The change we need

November 4, 2008

Having read international blogs and news opinion for years, I always felt like something was missing: The unbiased perspective from a tiny and filthy rich European country.

So today I figured it was time to bring about some change. Never mind the sloppy English or weak grasp on international affairs. Let this blog become your one and only source for Norwegian opinion.